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Ouval Research Exhibition Room, Jl. Buah Batu No. 64, Bandung
Telp : 6222 730 6697
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Business Profile
OUVAL RESEARCH is an apparel brand from CVS Industries. which was built in 1997 with the primary goal is to expand founders creativity who wants to make creative products that delegates young people life style. As one of clothing industry pioneer in Indonesia, especially in Bandung. OUVAL RESEARCH has its own design concept who make it different from another Clothes Industries. Ouval Products is not just commodity but it is as an art works, image is the first priority for every OUVAL RESEARCH Products. ( Since 1997 ) Started from each individual founder Ideas and Idealism who wants to create products that inspired from skateboard community which is not only sport activity but it is already life style, with brainstorming and directing each founders different vision into one business name and starting to create an art works into products with it own label that is called “Ouval Research”, with a big hope that the local community or even world will give their interest to that brand. Rome wasn't built on one day, also something big is started from small steps. With a very minimum financial capital, also minim facility, guerrilla marketing, and mouth promotions, the business were began. Ouval products started to distribute into local shops in Bandung and Jakarta. Until year 2001 Ouval Research built it first shop in Bandung, that specially direct for it products. Need more than braveness, idealism and work hard to build this business.

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